Welcome to mpm’s documentation!

Microdrop plugin manager inspired by pip.


Install using pip:

pip install microdrop-package-manager


mpm install <plugin-name>[(==|>|>=|<=)version] [<plugin-name>[(==|>|>=|<=)version]...]
mpm install -r plugin_requirements.txt
mpm uninstall <plugin-name>
mpm freeze
mpm --help  # Display detailed usage information

Use mpm --help for detailed usage information.

Common flags

-l, --log-level: Logging level (error, debug, info).

-c, --config-file: Microdrop config file (default= <Documents>\Microdrop\microdrop.ini).

-d, --plugins-directory: Microdrop plugins directory (default= <Documents>\Microdrop\plugins).

Note that the --config-file/--plugins-directory flags are used to locate the plugins directory to operate on.

If the --config-file flag is used, the plugin directory is read from the configuration file (relative paths are considered relative to the location of the configuration file).

The --plugins-directory flag sets the plugins directory explicitly.

mpm install flags

-s, --server-url: Microdrop plugin index URL (default= http://microfluidics.utoronto.ca/update)

--no-on-install: Do not run on_plugin_install hook after installing plugin

-r, --requirements-file: Requirements file (one line per plugin version descriptor)

mpm search flags

-s, --server-url: Microdrop plugin index URL (default= http://microfluidics.utoronto.ca/update)


Install dmf_control_board:

mpm install dmf_control_board

Install specific version of dmf_control_board:

mpm install "dmf_control_board==1.1.0"

Uninstall dmf_control_board:

mpm uninstall dmf_control_board

Install plugin from archive file:

mpm install dmf_control_board-1.1.0.tar.gz

Print list of installed plugins:

mpm freeze


Documentation is available online here .


Project is hosted on GitHub .


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